AI Wealth Automation Masterclass
Build a Second Income with Artificial Intelligence & Make 10X More Profit From Crypto on Auto-Pilot

Learn How AI Can Help You Earn Passive Income From Cryptocurrency

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Is This You? 

  Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

  Working for someone else's benefit, with no control over your financial future? 

  Are you worried about your job stability in uncertain times?

  Are you looking for a second income from a side hustle that won't interfere with your current work?

If yes, then you're not alone!

Many people like you are struggling to make ends meet with a single source of income. 

  Ready to create a better future for yourself and your loved ones?

It's time to take control of your finances and create a second income online.

  It's time to create WEALTH!


The Best-Kept Secret To

Financial Freedom!

Learn How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Earn Passive Income From Cryptocurrency

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Learn How To 10X Your Income With "AI"
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Build A Second Income 

Secret of building a Second Income online that pays you everyday without compromising your work

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Automate Your Income

Build an automated system that works without you and make money even while you sleep

Grow Your Wealth

How to grow your wealth safely & securely and leverage passive income to live a life of freedom 

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Who Is This Masterclass For?

The masterclass is highly effective for those who want to learn how to build a second income from home and 10x their profit from the best performing digital asset of the decade, cryptocurrency.





About Your Mentor

Business Coach & Cryptopreneur

20 Years+ experience in digital entrepreneurship

Social Media Marketing Expert having mentored 1000+ creators, brands and businesses to grow their social media following 

A highly accomplished Cryptocurrency Analyst with a proven record of educating and guiding 500+ traders in the intricacies of crypto trading. His expertise in technical analysis and trading fundamentals has transformed many inexperienced traders into profitable ones.

Founder, Digital Networkers Club, India's Top Digital Network Marketing Academy that has enabled more than 1000 direct sellers to grow their business online using digital marketing strategies

Founder, Royal Q Academy, an online educational platform that helps new and seasoned traders learn advanced trading strategies in crypto market using robotics & AI technologies

What Our Clients Are Earning From Our Strategies


Here are some of our client's income screenshots. Please note, these results are just for reference, the profits may vary for every person depending on their trading capital, strategies, and market conditions.






Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We would want our audience to actively participate. Post 60 minutes session, the floor will open for the general public.

There is absolutely zero risk here as your capital and your income both remains in your own account in your control which you can withdraw any time you want.

Yes, definetly as we provide automated crypto trading solutions which anybody can use with or without prior experience and earn good income on auto-mode.

It’s an ABSOLUTELY FREE workshop to benefit the beginners, experts, investors & professionals.