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Our Academy

Digital Networkers Club is India's best Network Marketing academy that focuses on success & freedom in MLM business using digital tools & strategies. DN Club strives to provide the best knowledge & skills to network marketing professionals who want to learn how to use internet & social media to build their business digitally.

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Our Courses

Most of our sessions are videos lectures with live sessions. Our course content is curated with online video conferencing tools to enable the learners to interact and learn one on one. Also recordings of these sessions are available in the curriculum with life time access for students who can watch again whenever they want.

Our Community

Join the community of digital network marketers building business using latest digital tools. Get lifetime access to Digital Networkers Club Community ( Private FB Group) where you can learn from each other, get daily insights and also get access to weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions, Webinars, Tools Knowledge, Mindset Trainings required for Network Marketing Professionals.

Know Your Coach

Hi, I'm Manish Bhola and I'm the founder of DIGITAL NETWORKERS CLUB!  I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Direct Sellers achieve Success & Freedom in their business using my ultimate formula, "Digital Networker Mastery".

Manish Bhola is a Digital Network Marketing Pro & Social Media Marketing Strategist turned Digital Coach. Having an experience of more than 30 years in Sales & Network Marketing Industry & more than 5+ years experience in Social Media Marketing, Branding & Social Media Optimization. He has trained 500+ students to help them build their business online using Social Media & Digital Marketing tools & strategies..

He has a strong knowledge, experience and great achievements with many reputed National & International Direct Selling companies. In his long journey in Network Marketing Industry, he is well known as a good learner, a kind soul & an excellent trainer. Following his passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing, he has discovered many effective strategies to build his Network Marketing business digitally. He is now sharing his entire knowledge & experience which he has summarized & delivered in this Super valuable Masterclass, "Digital Networker Mastery".

Successful entrepreneurs don't build businesses, they build systems and then the systems build their business. Systems work, people fail."

Manish Bhola

Hear from our students

Watch what our students say about our trainings.

Ms. Zina

Digital Networker from Sikkim

Mr. Anil Kumar

Digital Networker from Delhi

Mr. Bapin Mirdha

Businessman, Digital Networker from W Bengal

Mrs. Ashaben Patel

House wife, Digital Networker from Gujrat

Mr. Satish Pawar

Service man, Digital Networker

Our Vision

Digital Networkers Club was established with the prime purpose of  providing digital solutions to aspiring network marketing professionals who dream to achieve success & freedom in their business.
We observed that the current education system in network marketing industry is broken and there is a huge technological gap which needs to be filled and introduced to the industry. Our vision is to educate & empower more than 1 lakh network marketing professionals and transform them to pro-digital networkers.

What Makes Us Experts?

Digital Marketing expertise

Social Media Marketing skills

Network Marketing experience

Wide array of experience in sales & marketing

Leadership & training experience

Gained our knowledge from world class mentors

10 Days Program
15+ hours Lessons
Lifetime Access