How To Make Money With Crypto Currency?

Manish Bhola

Digital coach & Crypto Currency Investment advisor.

So, you are wondering how to make money from cryptocurrency, and if you are too late to board the money-making train that it spawned? Luckily, the time is better than ever and investing in cryptocurrency is the best decision of investing in a digital asset that has the highest growth potential than any other asset in the world. Here we take a closer look at how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Mobile was Internet 2.0. It changed everything. Crypto is Internet 3.0

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that is based on blockchain technology and secured by cryptography. To understand cryptocurrency, one needs to first understand three terminologies – blockchain, decentralization, and cryptography.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital ledger whose access is distributed among authorized users. This ledger records transactions related to a range of assets, like money, house, or even intellectual property. The access is shared between its users and any information shared is transparent, immediate, and immutable. The underlying blockchain technology is today used in banking, insurance, and other business sectors.

2. Decentralization

Centralized money refers to the regular money that we use, which is governed by authorities like the Reserve Bank of India. Decentralization in cryptocurrency means there is no similar authority that can be held responsible for supervising the rise and fall of a particular cryptocurrency. Data remains accessible only to the users of the network and it is heavily secured. 

3. Cryptography

Cryptography is the method that secures data from unauthorized access by the use of encryption techniques. Most of the claims that blockchain makes, like privacy and immutability, are enabled through cryptography.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by the government or central regulatory authorities. As a concept, cryptocurrency works outside of the banking system using different brands or types of coins like Bitcoin, Altcoins or NFTs. There are three major processes involved in cryptocurrencies:

1. Buying and storing

Users today can buy cryptocurrencies from central exchanges, brokers, and individual currency owners or sell it to them. Exchanges or platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi are the easiest places to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Once bought, cryptocurrencies can be stored in digital wallets.

2. Transacting

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins can be easily transferred from one digital wallet to another, using only a smartphone. Once you own them, your choices are to: 

a) use them to buy goods or services 

b) exchange them for cash 

3. Investing

Cryptocurrency makes for a great investment in times of inflation. For example, investors often compare cryptocurrency to gold. One of the reasons behind this is that, just like gold, they are in limited supply, as there is a cap on mining any type of cryptocurrency.


Growth of Crypto.

When Bitcoin was first introduced, no one expected it to blow up to the heights it is soaring in today in terms of value and popularity along with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BNB etc.


The above data shows the enormous growth in value of crypto currencies over the past 5-6 years, that makes crypto currency the best form of investment which can give the highest ROI as compared to any other asset in the world. Those who believed and invested in crypto in the initial years, took the early bird advantage. But most people missed the opportunity and now regret that they should have taken the risk. But the good news for you is now you can make money from cryptocurrency in many more ways than ever before, taking help of technology and advanced strategies available now.

How to make money with crypto?

Everyone gets into the cryptocurrency field to make money, but not all end up doing that. A lot of people either simply give up along the way, or lose money because they do not properly understand how to make money with crypto. There are many ways of making money with cryptocurrency.

Buy & Hold for long term.

Buy & Sell in crypto market daily.

Lock the coins to earn interest.

Verify & Generate new coins.

While investing and trading are the most common ways, the later two require more technical knowledge and setup cost. 90% of people fear to invest in the crypto market for fear of losing money due to its high volatility and risk factor.


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3 Reasons Why People Fail in Crytocurrency.

Lack of Knowledge

There are about 18000+ cryptocurrencies in the world. It is very difficult to have knowledge about each one.

Insufficient Time

Crypto market is open 24x7 & 365 days a year, which makes it next to impossible for a human to always be online in the market without taking rest.

Lack of Patience

As a human being we're always influenced by emotions like greed & fear, which effects our patience in taking the right decision at the right time. 


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Originally published May 2, 2022

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